Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Use Android phone as PC Webcamera via USB

android webcam usb

* If you have WiFi access, then you can skip to  Turn your Android device into a Wireless Webcam

I had a common suggestions from most of my friends, to purchase a webcam, but now I have my brand new Android Device with 5MP camera and LED Flash, supporting 720p video recording as I've already said that the Android Platform is the Ultimate one which can full fill most of your requirements by one or the other way. After troubleshooting the Smartphones, now I've mastered over my Android and here I'm back with a new experiment and her I'll tell you about using your Android devices camera as your PC's  Web Camera  via USB.., But before proceeding further, do you know that Google PlayStore can revile your downloads (activities) publicly & this may embrace you; if not plz proceed here

* No need of Rooting 
android webcam 
Step1: Download IP Web Camera[1] file, this includes an APK file for Android device(2.0 & later),
IP Camera Adapter for your Windows PC and a Read Me file.

Step2: Install IP Webcam_droidtricksqvga.apk on your Android device(2.0 & later),
            Install IP Camera Adapter on your Windows PC. (ref :
            For Linux download prepare-videochat.sh.

Step3:  Enable USB Debugging mod,
             enable USB Tethering.

Step4:  Open IP Webcam app installed on your Android Device and tap on start server.
             Take  down URL displayed on bottom of your screen, open it on your PC.
             * Here you can verify the functionality of the App.

 Step5: Use Skype as Video Chat Application(I personally recommend this), in select web cam drop box always select MJPEG Camera.

Skype Video Settings
 Step6: Update the Camera Feed URL, with the URL you saw in your Android Screen
( Username and Password may left blank
Webcam Settings

In case of error verify your proxy settings( change 8888 to 8080), and don't forget to allow IP Camera Adapter through the Firewall...

Well do you have there basic apps on your smartphone...???
Dose your smart phone troubling you...???
If yes the you must read about the Tricks to master over your Device...

                                    Hope you will enjoy with the new Android USB Webcam, 

[1] http://reliabledownloads.org/file/0t95j9
[1]  http://www.adrive.com/public/tJbFr5/IP Web Cam (Android as Webcam).rar 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to backup contacts in android phone for free

Android Backup

After getting my first Android phone I was pretty exited about that as I was crazy for Android before because that was the Android...!!!

After a couple of weeks when I went to my brother's place, we had pretty good talks on my new cell phone and the Android Apps, in the mean time I got a question that How to backup contacts in android phone may be for free and instead to storing a copy on Sim card do we have any other options so that it will be handy to access that backup file...???

I found the solution to this particular question will help many of you, so I decided to write this.

free backup

Basically I'm crazy for Android because Its a perfect thing and the Android App Store makes it to be a gem, among other platforms...!!!

Why I said that because Android ICS and later versions have got most of the features in built, the concept of backup that we are talking here too...

So here is how we can backup all our contacts in Android Phone into Sim Card, to Storage, to Bluetooth and to your Email Account.., excited...???

 Step 1 : Open your Contacts from your Android phone.


Step 2 : Press the Menu button and then select Import/Export option to proceed further.

Step 3 : Now, after clicking on Import/Export, you can Select your choice of Export to either SIM card or to SD card, if you have an Email Account Synchronize active, then you can even have a backup in that email box...

 * Select Export to SD card / Export to storage to have a backup on your Micro SD Card.
 * Select Export to SIM card to have a backup on your SIM Card.
 *  Select Share visible contacts to have a backup on your Synchronized Accounts, or to share     via Bluetooth instently.


                                                                and you have done...!!!

Well do you have there basic apps on your smartphone...???
Dose your smart phone troubling you...???

If yes the you must read about the Tricks to master over your Device...

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