Sunday, 29 September 2013

Top 4 Free Widgets for your Blogs and Websites

Top 4 Free Widgets for your Blogs and Websites
Top 4 Free Widgets for your Blogs and Websites
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“Assume a Smartphone with no Apps installed in it...”

Today it is really difficult to live with a smartphone having no apps in it..., yes they have not just made the life easier but the Apps enriches the usability and visibility of the services  provided.
As the people went behind the apps, the expectations also went higher. The same expectations is kept on  todays web resources(Websites, Blogs etc), having a simple Jquery Plug-in on a Blog spices up the visitor Experience, but we should also consider that the page load time before and after the insertion of the plugins...!!
So here I am be discussing about those plugins/widgets that can attract the visitors to your web resources.

1.      Google Gadgets[1]:  Google offers a wide verities of Gadgets, based on JavaScript that can be easily customised and make fit on your webpages, Google allow you to promote your products with these Gadgets, so try to Google it out for more...!!!

2.      Tiny Chat[2] : Lets you to create your chat room and broadcast it on your webpage, this is very useful for the service providing websites for FREE...

3.    Supercounters[3] : Keeps a track on active visitors to your webpage, this website maintains a detailed records similar to google webmaster, but all the records are transparent and hence the visitors can get a better view on your brand popularity. The best thing is Supercounter provides the service of live tracking of visitors depending on geographical locations.

4.      Addthis[4] : A smartest social share plugin that allows the visitor to share your webpage in more than 50 different Social networks, Addthis also provides the visitors activity reports that can be customized by you...
      For Simplified Social Share plugin, with customizable layout click here, never forget the rule of staying Anonymous on Web

* When you have a resource on web, why don't you try Affiliates...???
   But look this before proceeding
BidvertiserMoneySite provides a way to earn from your Web Resources, that allows both Advertizes and publishers, this is a efficient and well known portal for traffic exchange in the field of Online Add Marketing...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Torrent Search and Torrent Download Tricks

Torrent Search

                                       Searching with the top Torrent Sites


Most of my friends always get into some trouble while downloading the files (Games, Movies, Music or Apps) through the torrents, the bandwidth issues, the anonyms issues, sharing issues,  Security issues. So today I’ve decided to solve their problems, in case if you are facing the same and then continue reading this…

·                            * Torrent is a convenient way to download huge files, using the concept of P2P…!!!

We can use torrent client to download a file and can also be used to send a file to one or many at a time. So let’s kick start 

.       a. To find the perfect torrent file for downloading

Step1: Define what exactly you need to download
Step2: Search it in these top torrent sites, given below
Step3:  In the search results first look at the number of seeds(the one who have the specific file), if the seeders are more click on that particular link and look at the comment section, if the file has got good comments or ratings then proceed further by downloading the *.torrent file or the magnetic link.
Step4: Initially while downloading keep the upload rate less depending upon your bandwidth and later don’t forget to increase the rate to help other leaches (the one like you) 
Step5: You can manage the trackers, by adding the new trackers and deleting the inactive trackers, under the trackers tab of your torrent client and by reloading the IP Filters of active peers in the peers tab, in order to get maximum seeds for your downloads.

·                      They say to make changes in the settings of torrent client, but I don’t find any need of that, 
            other than making changes in upload limit during downloading and after downloading.

b.     Now let’s share a file using Torrent Client
·                     Before sending any file, personally get registered in any of the above stated websites.
Step1: Better to compress the file that you need to send,  *.ISO and *.RAR  are best formats.
Step2: Click on Create New Torrent option in File menu and select the compressed file.
Step3: Fill in the fields and check out start seeding and you are done, now save the torrent file.
Step4: Upload the same in the torrent website in which you have registered, share the file URL and enjoy…

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