Sunday, 27 October 2013

Free Viral Marketing Trick - How to Advertise

“The investment to the project was just the pocket money, so the team decided not to spend huge on the publicity at the initial stage...”

After working on the social networking project, we had a huge discussion on its publicity, one of the ideas I suggested impressed the team and later we got a very good results with this @ ZERO initial Investment. So let me explain you one of the concept of getting Hits, Likes, Followers, Shares, Fans..., for your brand page.
I’m introducing you a website called AddMeFast[1] a social promoter, that promotes your brand in-turn you may need to spend a few minutes in the website if you wish for free promotions and don’t worry everything is automatic and safe, upto my knowledge you must just open the browser, start the plugin and follow the instructions..., in case of paid promotions you can also buy some points that can just boost up your brand popularity within a few seconds...!!!

So why wasting time, let me tell you a simple marketing hack in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up with AddMeFast[1]
Step 2: Download a plugin for your Firefox Web Browser called iMacros[2]
Step 3: Download this FILE[3], that performs the main actions and extract it and paste it in the location  C:\Users\<PC Name>\Documents\iMacros\Macros

Now Open the Firefox and click on the Plugin installed and Enjoy advertising your Brand for FREE

Oh I had forgotten to tell you the result that we got within 30minutes of Publishing our website...,
 a. 120+ FB Likes and more than 20 peoples talking about the postings...!!!
 b. 60+ Google Plus users in our Circle and Flowing our updates...!!!
 c. 70+ Twitter Followers...

We got so much within a span of 30minutes, then can you just imagine the result that could be got after 24HRS...??? 


In the end two things to say
Well I should accept that gradually targeting audiences became difficult, so we switched on to the pro keyword research solution & found better result, you can try here.

If you are interested to promote yourself only on facebook, then you must consider FBPower, that's capable of flooding the Likes & Shares, for more viral marketing tricks video explanation try Affilorama...

Don't forget to share your marketing hacks with me... 

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