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The Rice Factor

The Rice Factor
“Annam Brahma”

In India specially in south the feast is incomplete without Rice, for the offerings for god the dishes made from rice is most preferred..., they also say “Anna Daana Maha Daana”  donating food is a greatest form of charity maybe that made the people to treat food as God; that kills hunger and gives enormous amount of energy.
So here let me talk about this monocot cerial grain Rice...

Ø  Second highly produced Commercial Crop.
Ø  Rice was originated more than 8000-13000 years ago in China.
Ø  China is the Largest producer of Rice
Ø  Asia is the highest consumer of Rice.
Ø  Rice comers in different Colours Naturally, White is most common one, the colour vary from Dark Brown to Red...! 

Ø  Irrespective of geographical location rice plantation can be made any where, but the plantation need water. Here I’ve shown the rice plantation made on a Mountain like Surface.

Ø  It’s an Annual Crop, but can also be cultivated perennially depending on the availability of labour and water resources.

Hi here is the list of popular rice recipes...  
·         Biryani (Rice and sauce are cooked separately and bought together later)
·         Pulao (rice cooked along with vegetables and spices)
·         Sweet Rice (rice and dal are cooked together and later mixed with jaggrey)
·         Lemon Rice (rice is cooked and then fired with ground nut and lemon solution)

Cooking Rice:
Preasure cookers are the best utensil to cook rice as they exert the internal pressure during cooking and this reduces both time and fuel used during cooking...
Ø  Rinse the rice in a clean water at least twice and drain the water
Ø  Pour water at least up to 2inch above the level of rice.
Ø  Close the lid, fixed with rubber gasket.
Ø  Keep the cooker on a medium flame, wait till you see the steam, now place the metallic stopper (weight).
Ø  You may hardly wait for two whistles.
Ø  The duration varies from 15 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of rice.

Rice and Health:
Ø  Polishing is the processes of brightening the rice grains, by glucose or some un hygienic talc powders consuming the highly polished rice may cause stomach cancer and diabetes hence the doctors suggests avoiding the Polished White Rice...
Ø  Rice is a source of Portions Carbohydrates, Calcium... but only rice can’t keep up your health. So you must add something to balance the needs.
Ø   Curd Rice is a best solution to, to lose weight, to boost up the Immunity power.

So enjoy a fist full of rice with no hesitation, in a healthier way in your diet...

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