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Which Programming Language to Learn

Programming Language to learn first
Programming Language to learn first

Which Programming Language 2 Learn...???
If this question is haunting you then I believe you would become a GREEK, 2mro...!!!

This was a common question that I too faced when I joined my graduation course, many languages were taught which one to opt & where to go was the big question left behind...
By a brief look at the most of the languages I came out with 3 major classifications
I.                    Web Programming Languages
II.                  Application Programming Languages  &
III.                Database Oriented Languages

Yah whatever the languages we study must come under this classification..., so I suggest you to have a hold on these 3 fields..., confused...??? Well let me elaborate it.
I.                    Web Programming Languages:
The programming languages used to designed static & dynamic websites, webapps & web API’s
 Here we have another classification like
a.       Front End Programming: Designing user Interface & bridging with the backend.
In-order to get more visitors you must have very good user interface that loads at less time, with good graphic works.
HTML, CSS, JAVAScript*, AJAX*, JQuery, Flash, Silverlight, JAVA Applets...

b.      Back End Programming: Server side Programming involves in controlling the functionality of the Front End & providing the responses to the requests made by the users.
PHP,ASP.NET, JSP, JAVA Servelet, Node.js, Perl, Python, Ruby...

Without database connectivity the project will be Ironic right...??  yah backend programming includes database design too as there is no much difference between App & Web Database tools I’ll get to it later...
II.                  Application Programming Languages:
The language the play a major role in the development of DeskTop & Mobile applications that can run in both Online & Offline modes.
JAVA, C, C++, C#.NET, Objective C...

A new concept of WebApp has change the traditional Application Software & Website design culture..., its clouds all over so we need to get updated to Cloud Development by developing cross platform WebApps...

III.                Database Oriented Languages:
The Skeleton system of Web or Application projects that provides defines the actual structure, holds data’s and performs query based retrievals on it.
MySQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro,

Well by now you might have got a clear picture about the classification, now choose your way to get started, I suggest you to learn C, since it’s the mother of all the modern languages & the syntax in C will be reflected in other languages too.., before buying the IDE’s try to Google out for freely available ones.
Personally speaking JAVA has got better response in Application development field, PHP is rocking in Web along with MySQL.

·         Before selecting your path, my suggestion is, “Always make your projects with Minimum investment of money & Maximum investment of Time, Technology...”

For PHP I suggest you to keep this ultimate Guide
* Can interact with the Back End tools.

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