Friday, 15 August 2014

Webseeding Torrents

Free torrent file webseeding

Its all about making a HTTP web server as your torrent file seeder

 Its really difficult to seed all the torrent files from ones personal computer, all the time. So here is a Torrent Trick, that can make your HTTP web server as a live TORRENT SEEDBOX and everything is free of cost.

Firstly you must have a web server, that hosts your file all the time. If you have one, just upload all the files you need to share into it, if not try one of these
 > ADrive A free cloud storage that provides 50GB FREE storage (files must be publicly shared)
 > 000WebHost A free webhost providing best bandwidth for data transfer (I use this to seed public torrent files)

   After signing up, upload all the files you need to seed into your web servers. Once if you are done, just proceed to  Burnbit this website accepts the public file URL (the real file that you are hosting) & creates it TORRENT file. Now copy paste your file URL that you are hosting in the textbox and click burn button, just a few seconds you'll get your equivalent TORRENT file download it..., & now to list this file in torrent directory.

  I prefer SignUp for an account if you don't have, if not go to Upload section, upload your torrent file that was generated in Burnbit, fill out the necessary details and you are done...!

 So you no need to seed each & every file from your PC, instead your web server is doing that with max possible speed....!  Well by this you are the proud owner of a personal seedbox..., getting your repetition as a VERIFIED SEEDER soon after seeding 20+ torrents..., keep rocking.

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