Thursday, 28 April 2016

Telegram is unsharable in WhatsApp

When BJP government lead by Mr Narendra Modi came to power in India, the Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi told “Make in India”, with the aim of bringing the manufacturers to India; some SPAMMers took the advantages of this and began to SPAM “Made in India”.

  I can recall one such message that is popular in messengers related to Telegram (a popular messenger app), which was projected to be made in India.

Today 28-04-2016 when I using the app Telegram, its desktop comparability, cloud storage features impressed me and I taught of inviting my friends.
screenshot 1

  I wrote a small text message (you can see in the screen shorts) in WhatsApp, and sent it to a group. Later I taught of forwording the same message to other group, usually a long press on a message would allow to select it and would show a list of actions that could be performed on it (screenshort 1),
 but the options did not let me to forward or copy my message (screenshort 2). Yes my message seemed like a promotional message, I have seen many SPAM messages flowing in WhatsApp with no restriction, but this incident was quite shocking.
screenshot 2

 Then I taught of testing the same message in Telegram ,  but Telegram imposed no restrictions...!

Later I came to know that the presence of string telegram followed by DOT, followed by a TLD was the reason to restrict me in forwarding the message in WhatsApp. 

  Hurray Adding a string in your WhatsApp message will make that message impossible to share  and copying.!!!

Can we call it a discrimination...??

* telegram.[TLD] will make the message un-sharable in WhatsApp
* TLD = Top Level Domain e.g. com, co, org...                            

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