Monday, 10 October 2016

Telegram User React with LikeBot

User React with LikeBot
LOGO of LikeBot (@Like)

Telegram is a more than a simple messenger, the BOT support makes Telegram unique from it competitors. Today I have something for Telegram Channel admins and for Group members. Something that helps to capture the viewers opinion and reaction on your posts...!

You may know that a Channel is a broadcast environment where the admin can share messages to the channel subscribers, this is a 1 to N mode of communication. On the other hand a Group supports N to N mode of communication.

Sending a simple personal message to specific user is limited to two known individuals, but a generic message can be made to reach a huge set of audience across the globe through these Groups and Channels.

After creating a post, one will need to know the reaction of the audience ,this helps to create more better quality posts. In a group all members will have authorization to message back or to replay to a post. But in a channel its impossible.
Telegram provides the view count, so one can get to know the number of viewers of a post, but the viewers likes or dislikes related to the post was never been known to the post creator till now and the viewers were not been able to share there opinion on the post, a small gap in communication.

But now this problem is been solved. LikeBot (@Like) is all you need..!

Emoji click-able buttons

A like bot is a normal telegram bot that helps to create a emoji based buttons (shown above), these buttons captures click counts. A post can have upto 6 emoji buttons.

A post from Telegram Geeks (@geekschannel)
Every emoji button can be made to represent various reactions, a post author can use the reaction counts for improvisation...

To make this work for your posts:

i. Start the LikeBot (@Like).

ii. Type in /start command, this will make the bot to create a new instance for your post, now the bot will ask you to send in your post(text, photo, video or a sticker). You can create there or just forward from somewhere..

iii. If step 2 is successful, you will be asked to send a max of 6 emoji icons, each icon is expected to represent the reaction of viewer on the uploaded post.

iv. If step 3 succeeds, you will be given a link, containing your post, with its ID as hashed string(not visible when shared) & you are asked to share this.

Now along with number of viewers, the reaction count will decide the popularity of a post. I believe this will give rise to new sets of post analytics bots in future...

Till today there is very less information on the LikeBot, research is going on about the data that a react bot collect when a user clicks on it. Results will be updated...


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